Piani di abbonamento e prezzi

Non importa quale piano scegli o le applicazioni Jmix sono davvero tue e possono esserlo supportato in modo indipendente. Non sono previsti costi per l’utilizzo delle applicazioni che hai creato.

We provide free academic licenses.


La soluzione migliore: supporto per applicazioni di post-produzione, sviluppatori Jmix esperti
per sviluppatore al mese
  • Nessuna limitazione su app, utenti e scalabilità
  • Full featured framework
  • Coding assistance
  • Code generation
  • Free add-ons


La soluzione migliore: sviluppo di applicazioni produttivo e confortevole, onboarding semplice
per sviluppatore al mese
  • Data model designer
  • Screen designer
  • Database migration
  • Database query designer
  • Security permissions designer
  • One-click deployment


La soluzione migliore: aggiungere funzionalità aziendali avanzate con il minimo sforzo
per sviluppatore al mese
  • Visual BPMN&DMN modeler
  • BPM for internal automation
  • Geo Information System features
  • WebDAV protocol support
  • Notifications add-on
  • Business calendar
  • Figma UI Kit *

We provide free academic licenses.


Best fit: post-production applications support, experienced Jmix developers
$ 0
per developer
per month
  • No limitations on apps, users and scaling
  • Full featured framework
  • Coding assistance
  • Code generation
  • Free add-ons


Best fit: productive and comfortable applications development, easy onboarding
per developer
per month
  • Data model designer
  • Screen designer
  • Database migration
  • Database query designer
  • Security permissions designer
  • One-click deployment


Best fit: adding advanced enterprise features with minimal effort
per developer
per month
  • Visual BPMN&DMN modeler
  • BPM for internal automation
  • Geo Information System features
  • WebDAV protocol support
  • Notifications add-on
  • Business calendar
  • Figma UI Kit *

confronto dei Piani Jmix

Features Free RAD Enterprise


Smart coding assistance:

  • Advanced code navigation
  • Code generation
  • Framework conventions check
Database reverse engineering

Intuitive visual tools:

  • Data model designer
  • Drag-n-drop screen designer
  • Database query designer

Database versioning scripts generation

Business process automation:

  • BPM engine
  • Visual BPMN&DMN modeler
  • Custom process forms

Designing and prototyping:


Geo Information System features:

  • Maps visual representation
  • Interactive geo-entites manipulations
  • Geoanalysis features


Data access permissions designer


  • Docker Image
  • Executable JAR
  • WAR
Quick deployment to AWS


Scopri quanto risparmi con Jmix

Il calcolatore ROI di Jmix ti consente di calcolare i risparmi nel tempo

L'essenziale dei Prezzi


Paghi solo per le postazioni degli sviluppatori e solo mentre utilizzano i nostri strumenti premium per creare il tuo prodotto in tempi record

Nessun blocco del fornitore

Possiedi prodotti realizzati con Jmix e puoi supportarli in modo indipendente grazie al core open source

Nessuna penalità di ridimensionamento

Distribuisci ovunque, adatta a qualsiasi numero di utenti senza costi

Risultati tangibili

Il nostro obiettivo è fornire un ROI eccellente ai nostri clienti.
Concorda con il nostro calcolatore del ROI

TCO basso, limitato

Affidabile da parte delle aziende

Hai bisogno di aiuto?

Raccontaci le tue sfide e il nostro esperto ti aiuterà con l’approccio migliore per affrontarle con Jmix e il piano giusto per te.

Domande Frequentemente Poste

Who is the Jmix developer?

Jmix is built for professional developers. But software engineers who are still working with an outdated technology stack or newcomers with basic Java knowledge can adopt Jmix and be productive! Jmix defines application architecture and guides you to roll out the app to the web easily.

How long does it take to start productive development?

Assuming you know Java, it usually takes 1-2 weeks. If not – 1-2 months. We recommend starting with Jmix Quickstart and Video tutorials for faster onboarding.

Do you have training programs?

Yes, we have a set of training courses listed here. If you want to learn Jmix individually, contact the training center to connect to a Group Training. If you have a complete developer’s team to start learning Jmix, please contact the community manager to book the Team Training.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide both free and paid support listed below.


Tutorial. A 9-step tutorial which covers essentials of Jmix development.

Videos. Short videos on basic topics.

Live demo. Live demo of Jmix applications and UI Samples where you can explore UI components and learn how to use them in your project.

Documentation. The platform team provides full technical documentation with code examples.

Community forum. Visit the free Community Forum to find answers on popular topics or publish a new one and receive help from the community members and the platform team.


Consulting. You can purchase consulting hours and get support directly from Jmix team. Commercial consulting requests receive priority over forum questions.

What can I do for free?

The Free plan has everything to build fully functional applications with Jmix. However, it lacks productivity features and advanced Add-ons of commercial tiers. Thus, we recommend using the free plan in two cases. First: you finished active development and the project is at support stage with occasional changes. Second: you’ve got a mature skillset in Java and you are ready to spend more time on development and learning. You can find a detailed comparison of the Jmix subscription plans here.

What is the type of Jmix license: concurrent or named?

Jmix license is named. It is connected to a certain developer profile.

Can I use my Jmix license on several workstations?

Yes. You can work with the Jmix Studio from multiple workstations using your named license, but not in parallel.

What happens when my subscription is about to expire or has expired?

If you have monthly or annual subscription auto-renewal enabled, we will:

  • automatically send you an email before the expiration date;
  • try to charge for the next subscription period according to your Jmix subscription payment terms;
  • if the payment succeeds, automatically renew the active subscription.

You can switch off the autorenewal option in your profile. After subscription expiration, your Jmix Studio instance will automatically toggle to the Free plan mode.

Can I use Enterprise add-ons after my subscription expires?

Yes, you can run your application which was built when the subscription was active. However, you are not allowed to develop your application with commercial add-ons included. You need an active Enterprise subscription to do so.

What if I decide to abandon the subscription before the expiry date?

We hope that you take the decision about the purchase carefully. That’s why we provide a trial period. The license fee is not refundable, so buy the subscription when you are sure you need it and will definitely use it. If you are not sure yet, you can always ask the community manager to prolong your trial period. How many license keys do I nee

How many license keys do I need?

Each developer needs a named license, so you would need to use as many license keys as many developers you want to involve.

Can I have both RAD and Enterprise subscriptions for my team?

If your team works on a project with commercial add-ons, each developer must have an active Enterprise subscription.

Can I add more developers to my subscription?

Yes. You can add additional developer seats to your active subscription in your personal account by clicking the “Manage” button.

Can I perform the upgrade of my subscription plan?

Yes, you can switch to a different plan on your subscription page.

I’m a student/teacher. Are there any educational licenses available?

Yes. We provide free Academic licenses to official educational organizations and their students. Follow the link to submit a request for an Academic license.

Where can I find the full text of the License Agreement?

You can find the License Agreement on our website.

Does the number of end users affect Jmix license fees?

No. You pay only for developer seats, using Jmix paid subscription plans. We charge for visual tools, templates and add-ons that make your development team more productive and give the ability to deliver digital products faster. Instead of user-based pricing (runtime pricing) and usage-based pricing (connected to business value), we offer a per-developer subscription pricing model. This guarantees you the freedom to use your Jmix applications freely without restrictions.

What type of payments do you support?

We support card payments and wire transfer. You can perform the payment using the Store. If you would like to get a pro-forma invoice before payment, please choose “Offline payment” option.

Company or Individual?

A Company license is the standard licensing option for commercial and non-profit organizations. Company purchases licenses to be used by any single person within this organization.

An Individual license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license with their own funds and solely for their own use. Individual licenses are not to be purchased, refunded or in any way financed by companies. Please consider that we will regularly check the usage conditions to prevent fraud.

Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes. We provide volume discounts for the Jmix Enterprise subscription plan. The volume discount depends on the number of developer seats purchased – the bigger your team, the less you pay per developer.

Number of developersVolume discount
5 or more10%
10 or more15%
20 or more20%
30 or more25%

Please check the subscription prices for your team in the Store.

Can I purchase a monthly subscription for the paid plans?

Yes, you can purchase a monthly subscription for Jmix RAD plan. For the Jmix Enterprise plan, annual subscription is the only option.

Che tipologie di applicazioni posso sviluppare con Jmix?

È possibile sviluppare un ampio spettro di applicazioni Web line-of-business. Controlla Jmix è adatto al mio progetto? per trovare i dettagli.

Qual è la differenza tra i piani?

I team di sviluppo sono diversi in base alle competenze professionali, alle specifiche del progetto e alle pratiche DevOps. Pertanto, disponiamo di diversi piani di abbonamento per servire diversi profili di sviluppo di applicazioni:

  • Il piano Jmix Free è ottimale per lo sviluppo a basso budget e il supporto di applicazioni esistenti 
  • Il piano Jmix RAD si adatta perfettamente ai progetti di creazione di applicazioni Web CRUD e vari Sistemi di Record.
  • Il piano Jmix Enterprise offre funzionalità estese al piano precedente per consentire l’automazione dei processi aziendali e dei flussi di lavoro, l’integrazione con Maps e altri componenti applicativi premium.

Tutti i piani di abbonamento supportano team di sviluppo distribuiti con le funzionalità IntelliJ IDEA integrate. Per i dettagli, controlla la tabella comparativa dei piani Jmix.

Posso effettuare upgrade se le funzionalità del piano attivo non sono sufficienti?

Certo. Ogni volta che soddisfi la richiesta di funzionalità disponibili nei piani di abbonamento più elevati, dovresti modificare il tuo piano o aggiungere utenti al tuo abbonamento nel profilo. Tieni presente che addebiteremo solo la differenza di prezzo tra i piani di abbonamento.

Dove verranno archiviati i miei dati?

Ci sono diverse opzioni. Puoi archiviare i dati nel tuo ambiente self-hosted o in un’infrastruttura cloud pubblica. Controlla la documentazione tecnica per i dettagli.

Is Jmix secure enough to build enterprise-grade applications?

Some skeptics claim that open source is less secure than proprietary software. But it’s just a theoretical assumption. The key benefit of the open-source code is its potential to be revised by far greater “number of eyes” than a closed effort of a product team. Full access to the application code can prevent sudden failure by deep code inspection as there is nothing hidden in the “black box”.

Since 2016 the CUBA Platform is being developed as an open-source project. The platform team has continuously published a transparent product roadmap and regularly managed issue tracking on the public GitHub repository. Jmix platform, as the successor of the CUBA Platform, represents a mature open-source project based on a future-proof technology stack.

The platform maturity doesn’t exclude all security risks, so governance procedures are mandatory. But a strong community with over 25K members and more than 1000 projects done with the platform assure a strong basis for building secure applications.

Does Jmix support secure user authentication?

Yes. There are several options. In addition to the standard user-password authentication, you can connect Jmix application to the enterprise LDAP directory and synchronize end-user accounts. For secure external connections via API endpoint, Jmix provides OAuth 2.0 authentication service.

Should I pay for distributing the Apps created by Jmix?

No. You completely own the applications built with Jmix and can use them at any scale without any charges.

Do I own applications built with Jmix?

Yes. As Jmix is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, it does not imply any substantial limitations on applications. Jmix Studio is only used at development time and is not required to run your application. If you have any add-on from Enterprise plan used in your application, you can use the local copy of an add-on after the subscription expires.

Does Jmix use third party libraries? Where can I see the full list and how are these licensed?

The full list of libraries, used by the latest Jmix and Add-ons releases, is provided here. The list of libraries, used in Jmix Studio, is available here.

All libraries we are using are distributed under open source, non-restrictive licenses – like MIT, Apache 2.0, EPL, LGPL. We do not use libraries with ‘copyleft’ licenses like GPL.

Note: Add-ons provide integration with some products, which may have commercial license – like Google Maps or amCharts. It is your responsibility to make sure you use them properly.

All forks of third-party libraries, used in Jmix, Add-ons and Studio are distributed under the same license terms as the corresponding library.

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